About Us


BAZ BIOMEDIC is the global game-changer, pioneering the development of
needle-free drug delivery technology that can be used both in the skin care field and medical field.

  • BAZ BIOMEDIC has solved and supplemented issues in the Drug Delivery Technology, such as Needle Phobia, Needle Pain, Needle Injury, and Needle infection, correcting problems, succeeding in developing devices: NOVOJET, an automatic repetitive needle-free drug delivery device that controls the depth and amount of injection and automatically applies high-speed repetitive injection used in skin care field; CUREJET, a needle-free injection device used in the medical field.
  • Developed by Prof. Yoh, the CEO of BAZ BIOMEDIC and professor of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Seoul National University, needle-free drug delivery technology applied the High-Density Energy Transfer for the first time in the world. The technology can be utilized in various fields that deliver drug and liquid, including the skincare field - medical esthetic, meso therapy and home beauty - and medical field - Insuline, hormone, vaccine, and hair therapy(hair loss treatment).
  • As a pioneer of the drug delivery technology, BAZ BIOMEDIC will constantly strive to improve the quality of human life
    and public health based on the global R&D capabilities.
  • The Beginning of BAZ BIOMEDIC
  • Prof. Yoh, the CEO of BAZ BIOMEDIC and professor of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Seoul National University, found that propulsion systems that applied High Density Energy Transfer can be applied to medical devices while studying projectiles and power propulsion devices in 2010. Then, he developed needle-free injection drug delivery technology based on Bubble-Jet type, unlike hydraulic fluid injection from various countries.
  • Milestones of BAZ BIOMEDIC’s Technologies
  • Bubble-Jet needle-free injection drug delivery devices ones inevitable to to use the laser beam. But, the prohibitive price of the laser system has become an obstacle for manufacturing and production, which is aimed for commercializing the device.
    After endless efforts for several years, BAZ BIOMEDIC succeeded in developing the electric spark type needle-free injection drug delivery device, commercializing main body and replacement parts with affordable price.
  • Future of BAZ BIOMEDIC
  • Amid the Fourth Industrial Revolution, self injection, that allows people to inject drugs by themselves at home,
    is expected to exponentially grow in the medical and bio market.
    BAZ BIOMEDIC's automatic repetitive injection needle-free drug delivery technology is the only solution for self-injection, by commercializing small-sized injection for all with affordable price, pioneering the improvement of the quality of life and public health.