NOVOJET – Drug Delivery Device for Skin Care and Beauty Applications

“NOVOJET”, developed as a skin care and cosmetic drug delivery device, is applied to treatments for cosmetic purposes in the epidermis (stem cells, hair loss improvement, cosmetics, skin care, scalp disease, etc.), and various kinds of drug can be injected.
(Scheduled to be released in December 2020)

100um, 150um,
200um, 250um
Nozzle Replacement
One Touch
Voltage and
per Second
100 ~ 120V
1 ~20Hz
Injection Depth 0.25mm
Number of Hole 1
(Maximum of
6 planned)
Amount of Injection
per Second
0.003 ml on average
(based on 20Hz)
  • NOVOJET Hand Piece
  • Disposable Replacement Nozzle
  • Pen-type handpiece design for easy handling provides excellent grip and convenience for long-time treatment
  • Able to set the amount and mode of injection on the user interface system
  • Various types of syringes can be used with detachable syringe design.
  • Prevention of bacteria and infection by using disposable sterilization nozzle

NOVOJET Applicable Area

  • Scalp Treatment

  • Rejuvenation

  • Whitening

  • Anti-aging