• Global Innovator Opens
    New Ground for Drug
    Delivery Technology.
  • Technology that utilizes micro-injections of pharmaceutical
    and homeopathic preparations, plant extracts, vitamins,
    and other ingredients into facial or scalp skin dermal.
  • About Us

  • Developed the world’s first
    device that utilizes medicine
    as well as aesthetics.
  • Needle-free micro-injection throughout thewide-area of
    the skin surface. Controllable injection depth (0.25-3.0 mm).
    Efficient injection time (5 min procedure for 3.0 cc saline injection)
  • R&D Center

  • For a Healthy an
    Beautiful life
  • Enterprises constantly striving to "improve
    the healthy and beautiful quality of life
    and improve health"
  • Recruiment

  • Automatic repetitive needle-free drug delivery technology,
    an innovative technology developed by BAZ BIOMEDIC for the first time,
    can be utilized in various fields that deliver drug and liquid,
    including skin care field - medical esthetic, mesotherapy and
    home beauty - and medical field - Insuline, hormone, vaccine
    and hair therapy(hair loss treatment).
  • Product

  • If you inquire any inquiries about the business and products of Baz Biomedic on online,
    a professional counselor will answer you kindly and quickly.