About Us

CEO Message

  • ‘Improving the Quality of Health and Life’, is the vision
    by those who established BAZ BIOMEDIC.
    BAZ BIOMEDIC will strive
    to become the global leader of Drug Delivery Technology.

Since 2011, BAZ BIOMEDIC has been striving to develop an automatic Needle-Free Drug Delivery system to respond to the new medical and bio industries in the era of the 4th industrial revolution where the digital, physical, and biological boundaries are gradually converging. We have succeeded in commercializing a drug delivery device with automatic injection at a competitive price.

However, rather than being satisfied with the development, BAZ BIOMEDIC is trying to move forward.

Now, BAZ BIOMEDIC is focused on developing a miniaturized personal self-injection device that allows individuals to take care of their skin and health directly at home at a competitive price.

The passionate staff at BAZ BIOMEDIC will continue to move forward to be the global leader of Drug Delivery Technology.

Thank you.

Prof. Yoh Jai-ick